Autify JavaScript Snippets
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Reading clipboard value

Use this snippet when you want to read the value of clipboard if it is copied by document.execCommand("copy") in the previous steps.

Note: This snippet assumes the copied data is text.


You need a pair of JS Steps in your scenario:

  1. Adding an event listener for copy event which stores the data to localStorage
  2. Getting the data from localStorage

The step 1 should be inserted before the click step, then you can read the data after the click step.

// Step 1
document.addEventListener("copy", function (event) {
  var active = document.activeElement;
  if (
    active instanceof HTMLInputElement ||
    active instanceof HTMLTextAreaElement
  ) {
    var data = active.value.substring(
    localStorage.setItem("clipboard", data);

// Step 2
return localStorage.getItem("clipboard");


iOS Safari doesn’t work with document.execCommand("copy") with Autify

Due to technical limitation, Autify can’t properly trigger document.execCommand("copy") only on iOS Safari environment yet. Therefore, this snippet (or any other workaround) won’t work with iOS Safari as of March 2022.

Doesn’t support navigation.clipboard.writeText() API

If your website uses navigation.clipboard.writeText() API to copy the value to clipboard, this approach doesn’t work because it supposed to send clipboardchange event but Chromium hasn’t implemented the event yet as of March 2022.