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Click an element found by XPath

IE11 not supported
This snippet does not support IE11.

This snippet can be used to click an element found by XPath. Typically, this will be used in the following cases:

  • When you want to find an element by specifying its internal text
  • When you want to specify an element based on its complex relationship with surrounding elements which is hard to describe by a CSS selector

Change the following value to specify the element:

  • xpath: An XPath string (e.g. //*[normalize-space() = 'text inside the element'])
 * Specify the element XPath
var xpath = "<TODO: REPLACE>";

 * The following lines do not need to be changed
function getElementByXpath(path) {
  return document.evaluate(

 * Find an element with the XPath
var element = getElementByXpath(xpath);

 * Exit if the element does not exist
if (!element) {
  throw new Error("Error: cannot find an element with XPath(" + xpath + ")");

 * Click the element