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Confirm an element is disabled

In the case when you want to confirm a element with the attribute disabled.

Basically we support assertions for disabled element. You need to use this snippet when your app uses disabled to the element that doesn’t support the attribute, like <a> tag.

Change the values written below:

  • selector: A string of a selector to pinpoint the element.
  • attrName: A string of an attribute which shows it is disabled
  • errMessage: A string of the error message which you want to show when it fails. It will be a default string if you don’t change from <TODO: REPLACE>.
var selector = "<TODO: REPLACE>";
var errMessage = "<TODO: REPLACE>";

 * --------- You don't need to touch below ---------------

var attrName = "disabled";

 * Locate the element
var element = document.querySelector(selector);

 * Stop process if it does not exist
if (!element) {
  throw new Error(
    "Error: cannot find the element with selector(" + selector + ")."

 * check if the element has the specified attribute
if (!element.hasAttribute(attrName)) {
  if (errMessage == "<TODO: REPLACE>") {
    errMessage =
      'Error: This element is expected to have "' +
      attrName +
      '", but it does not.';

  throw new Error(errMessage);