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Confirm an element is checked or not

Use this snippet to assert that a checkable element (such as a radio button implemented as <input type="radio">) is checked or not, in case it is not possible with Recorder.

Refer to the following document for currently supported assertions by Recorder.

Change the following values to fit your test case:

  • selector: A string of a selector to specify the element
  • expected: Set true if you expect the element to be checked, otherwise set false
var selector = "<TODO: REPLACE SELECTOR>";
var expected = true;

/* --------- You don't need to touch below --------------- */

/* Locate the element */
var element = document.querySelector(selector);

/* Exit if it does not exist */
if (!element) {
  throw new Error(
    "Error: cannot find the element with selector(" + selector + ")."

/* Check if the element is checked */
var actual = element.checked;

/* Exit if the actual value does not match the expected value */
if (actual !== expected) {
  throw new Error(
    "Error: [assert checked] the actual(" +
      actual +
      ") does not match the expected(" +
      expected +