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Confirm an element having attribute

In the case when you want to confirm an element having a specified attribute.

Change the values written below.

  • selector: A string containing one or more selectors to find an element.
  • attrName: A string representing the name of the attribute.
  • errorMessage: A string of the error message which you want to show when it fails. It will be a default string if you don’t change from <TODO: REPLACE>.
var selector = "<TODO: REPLACE>";
var attrName = "<TODO: REPLACE>";
var errMessage = "<TODO: REPLACE>";

 * --------- Anything below this does not need to be changed. ---------------

 * Locate the element
var element = document.querySelector(selector);

 * Stop process if it does not exist
if (!element) {
  throw new Error(
    "Error: cannot find the element with selector(" + selector + ")."

 * check the if the element has the specified attribute
if (!element.hasAttribute(attrName)) {
  if (errMessage === "<TODO: REPLACE>") {
    errMessage =
      'Error: This element is expected to have "' +
      attrName +
      '", but it does not.';

  throw new Error(errMessage);